We help your organization to make more value out of customer information.
Steeri offers tools to manage and develop customer analytics, multichannel dialog and data quality.
Steeri sees customer leadership challenges as possibilities.
Learn more about our CRM knowhow, modular relationship management solutions and cost-efficient SaaS services.
IPSS is now Steeri.
Your CRM partner grows, develops and innovates. Steeri brings together experienced professionals, new talents and agile customer leadership solutions.
Agile deployment of Salesforce.com, SAP Cloud for Customer, Oracle Fusion and Siebel CRM -solutions
Business Intelligence -solutions from
SaaS-services to data warehouse projects
iSteer Dialog and iSMS
-solutions to multichannel sales, communication and customer service
iSteer CDM
-integration service to manage several data sources, duplicates and data quality
Product independent rec specs, evaluations, training and change management to CMR and BI deployment